Jul 3, 2020

The candle market generates a whopping spend of £1.9 billion per year. That’s not worldwide; that’s just in the UK alone which is a phenomenal amount! So, what is this candle love affair and why do people buy into candles so much?

Let’s start with numbers. Consumers buy an average of six candles per year, mainly women. Candles have become strong rivals to chocolates and flowers as a gift and have a multifaceted purpose. Many consumers want their home to smell nice, others light a candle for the warmth and well-being it brings and others just to make them relax. More so in current times as candles offer a cocoon from the outside world.

Scent is a driven factor as its incredibly emotive. Our sense of smell has an amazing power over our emotions. Scents have the capacity to uplift your mood, enhance sleep, promote confidence and self-esteem and evoke powerful memories. Aromas pass through the brain in an area that touch and hearing can’t.  Amazing to think all of those things can be affected by a candle!

Candles are now also being sold as a way of life. Part of the home ambience and décor. They are becoming an elegant feature from making a statement on a coffee table in the living room or hallway to a wall shelf with other accessories to create the perfect look.

Even Instagram Influencers now arrange a cup of coffee, a book, beautiful vase of flowers alongside a flickering candle providing a design statement in a space.

In summary, candles have been around in England since the 13th Century. I can confidently say, they will be around and enjoyed for many centuries to come.


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