Jul 3, 2020

Candles versus reed diffusers

Reed diffusers have been around since 1990 and have become one of the most popular fragrance options worldwide. This method involves a vessel containing a blend of base and fragrance oils with reeds placed inside to allow the aroma to be diffused into the space. Diffusers are a great alternative to a candle in that they take care of themselves. They will offer continuous fragrance for weeks and can be left unattended unlike a candle. They work around the clock and offer that constant release of fragrance. You can adjust the intensity of the aroma by adding and removing reeds unlike a candle that provides a consistent level of fragrance, however, they need movement of air to work effectively; to diffuse the aroma. The room temperature and location can affect how quickly the oil diffuses so placing near a radiator or window will certainly quicken its shelf life. Once the diffuser oil has depleted, you can buy a refill but make sure you get new reeds!

Candles have been in England since the 13th Century and will be around for many more. Consumers love the idea of a warm flame that makes a special atmosphere whilst allowing fragrance to fill a space. It’s offers movement in a room and provides a calming and peaceful experience which is what makes them so popular. The placement of a candle has to be considered which includes avoiding flammable objects and materials. Placing them on a stable, heat resistant surface away from draughts, children and pets is a must!

Both scented candles and reed diffusers have their benefits but both can be used in conjunction with each other. A reed diffuser can create that core and consistent fragrance and a candle can be lit on occasion to compliment the diffuser so check out the Fox & Fern range of both to make your space look and smell beautiful!


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