Jun 30, 2020

Candles are a real treat whether they’re bought for yourself or given as a gift. What determines what sells? Particular fragrances, brands, lifestyle, company ethos or habits.

Consumers are becoming more savvy about candle waxes, packaging, clean burns, sooting, what’s biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, recyclable and the list of ‘ables’ goes on. There is a surge in newcomers offering different options other than the usual classics or go-to’s. They’re starting out on a different platform not based on total luxury and focus on the lack of additives, lack of toxins and their offering of natural British based products.

I think most of us love the whole candle experience in receiving a lovely smelling gift bag, with beautiful packaging, a branded ribbon in a silky luxury box and that will undoubtedly continue. It’s a huge market. Candles are one of the most popular gifts. However, with an injection of new Chandlers, they now need to stand out from the billions of other, but in the right way.

Fox & Fern prides themselves on using sustainably sourced products from their natural wax to vegan friendly oils and recyclable packaging. You can have that everyday luxury and be environmentally friendly at the same time!

EVERYTHING is about balance but it still remains a personal choice. What drives your candle spending?


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